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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are employers to be blamed for not hiring Deaf people?

Most employers don't give Deaf applicants a chance because of their ignorant conceptions about Deaf people in general. They somehow associate deafness with dumbness because they keep hearing "deaf and dumb" when "dumb" really equals "mute". Hearing employers believe that deaf people do not have the ability to understand anything just because they can't hear. In other words, deaf people are stupid. More importantly, they think deaf people would have to rely on them for help most of the time if they're hired. If you could look at hearing people's perception of deaf people, you would see that they consider deaf people to be disabled like they would consider any persons with disabilities.

There are a lot of stereotypes associate with deaf people that may stop employers from hiring them. This is not to say all hearing people do think like that. Different people have different ideas about deaf people, but the "stupid deaf people" myth seems to be very common in the hearing world. 

In this society, it is easy for people to judge other people they don't know personally based on their races, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, different attires, and many other things. The point is, some people are going to judge because they are not as open minded as you'd like them to be.

Do you feel hearing employers are to be blamed for thinking this way about deaf people? [No, I do not think so.]

Do they need to be educated about deaf culture in order to stop the deaf stereotypes? [Yes! It is really important for them to understand us and that we are just humans like them. We also deserve to be treated equally and with respect. The real question is, how do we go about teaching hearing people, especially employers?]

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the awesome reading!


  1. I fear employers are not hiring Deaf people because in today's shaky economy, employers are cutting corners wherever they can. When employers find out how much it is to provide communication access (interpreters), naturally they freak. They are not willing to open their minds to what we Deaf people can do for their companies. To the employers, it is about $$$$$.

    1. I can't agree more. Everything's just about the money for them, unfortunately.

  2. I agreed with this anonymous that many employers shy away from hiring the deaf people bc they need accomaditions which employers don't want to spend in shaky economy and they are in business to profit, not to spend. Anyone or anything that requires spending, they avoid them. The Voc. Rehab agents will provide and pay for service expenses at first. After a person is hired, s/he is on his or her own. Deaf person tries to explain to employer why s/he should pay for service needs which can get sticky! Like everyone else, employers simply can't afford to pay for services. I have been out of work for almost 2 years now, still looking and now I am volunter for non-profit organization which I hope, will attract the employers.

    1. That is true. This is what makes it even harder for us deaf to find jobs. Thank you for the comment.