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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Results for Deaf Unemployment Polls!

Hello, would like to say thank to those who participated in poll questions this week. Check out this link to poll results:

They are very interesting, indeed!

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Updated: Does anyone know the true percentage of Deaf unemployment in USA? I am dying to know! I have tried researching the number as of now but could not find one. I wonder why? Maybe, it is too high? Is it something that Human Services/Vocational Rehabilitation Services are trying to cover up? 

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  1. Interesting poll, thanks for sharing the results!

    As for the Deaf unemployment, I'm not sure if the Voc Rehab is a good resource - not all Deaf / HoH seek assistance from them. I wonder if SSI / SSDI would have a more accurate number, because those that are not working at the moment, for various reasons, are likely to need financial assistance - hence, SSI / SSDI.

  2. You're right about the SSI/SSDI. They may be a good source. I'll do my best to ask them to disclose the real number of deaf unemployment percentage, but I don't know if they will. We'll see!

    1. I believe 70% deaf and hard of hearing unemployment might be higher. but not able to find evidence? Where can we find.

      80-85% doctor and medical office refuse to hire ASL interpreter. lot of medical delay were serious and discrimination. I went to ADA about Hospital and medical issues. I was stunned to learning that .. One man email and contact me and say that his doctor caused him confused about medical .. One nurse took him to ER and expecting ASL or Oralism interpreter.and spend thousand dollars ER. he could not afford.. Why she put him ER.. They simple refused to hire ASL interpreter. ER did not provide ASL in overnight or daytime at forgien language office lied to them. They told them they are on way They have been wait for more than 38 hour for ASL interpreter.

  3. About 60%-70% I wish Gallaudet University or NAD should work on it? Contact NAD?

  4. I'm little bit aoubt SSI/SSD. i have job and i should get ssi or no?

  5. I see that it is over two years old. I would like to express my thoughts.

    About 70% of deaf people are unemployed & underemployed. That's about 20 years ago when I first learned. Hasn't it budged?

    The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation has some transparency issue. I tried to find information on the number of clients - the deaf ones - successfully transtitioned to the full-time job that pays the living wage along with the retirement benefits. What I can find some cases narratives of the successful transitions. No statistics, it seems.

    Let us think differently. I question whether Gallaudet is like degree mill intending to keep school staff employed and keep money coming in. I do not find the listing of careers easily on The number of school for the deaf is shrinking. Where do they go and find jobs after graduation? Did they land a job which they were taught?

    Ok, VR blindly pays Gallaudet $15,000 per student per year. No accountability, whatsoever. When asked about the huge discrepancy in tuition payment, the usual response is that it is special…. Sweetheart deal?

    When I asked VR about the tuition at the community college that offers the potential job lead. (in collaboration with the employer) It stated that it could pay only $1,500 per year. Why doesn't VR counselor see the value in the training that will lead to the well-paying, benefit-included job that will produce the new taxpayer?

    Something wrong with the picture. VR does not invest in training that will lead to the jobs out in the public. The recent job fair at the Deaf community center was disappointing because 6 out of 11 employer booths have many employees that are deaf: Sorenson, ZVRS, ToolWorks, Manpower, DeafPlus & DCARA…. akin to staying in the shell.. not going out to show what we can or employers either do not know about it (the EDD person not reaching out the big employers) or are not interested in setting up the job booth meeting.
    the deaf prospective employees.

    It would be interesting to see how many employers(that seek diversity in their employee rosters) eagerly want to set the booths at the job fair catering to deaf population.