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Friday, September 20, 2013

Job Interview Investigation

I took about 15 minutes to fill out a job application on Noodles & Company's website for a Guest Service Team position. They didn't need someone with a lot of experience, so it was good for me.
Three days later, I got an email from the Noodles & Co. manager, asking me to come in for an interview. I gave them a day & time that were available for me.

A few days later...

When I was at the Noodles & Co. for the interview, I didn't have any interpreter with me. So, they had no idea that I was Deaf until I got there to tell them that. After letting the team know that I was there for a job interview, the manager came out from the back of the restaurant to see me. Then he motioned for me to sit at the table, so we could discuss the position I applied for.

He was young & seemed nice. That was all I could say about him. When I told him about my deafness, he seemed like he was okay with that. Maybe, I caught him off-guard, but who knows?
The funny thing was, I was really prepared & knew exactly what to answer when he would ask questions, even the tough ones. Unfortunately, things were not what I expected when he asked me if I was a student, & I told him no. When he asked me if I preferred to work in the back as a Dishwasher or in the front as a Server, I said either one of those. I was confused & wondered, "What about Guest Service Team? Didn't he read my job application with an attached resume?"

He showed me the file, pointing at the email address that I didn't recognize & asking me if I was still using it. I noticed something wasn't quite right about those papers, & then I saw the name on them that did not belong to me. I realized that he actually thought I was someone else he was interviewing.
I said, "Wait a minute, that's not my name." I took a copy of my resume out of my attaché & showed him my real name.

I couldn't believe that he really wasted my time. What kind of manager was he? I think he was actually more embarrassed than I was. Actually, I was amused by it.

I wasn't sure if he really was expecting someone else, or he just grabbed the wrong file. Whatever it might be, he knew exactly who I was when he emailed me for the job I applied for. With his face as red as a beet, he was asking me questions as he was looking at my resume. I could tell he was a little awkward & unprepared.

It had been for a short while until he told me he had a few people to interview & that he'd email me to let me know about their decision as soon as possible.

We shook our hands, & that was it.

Now, I'm still waiting to hear back from him... or maybe not.

It was absolutely the weirdest, worst job interview I ever had in my entire life. I wish I had just ditched it.

It is apparent that Noodles & Co. is hiring people, especially young students with a little or no experience & immigrates. I have much higher qualifications than theirs, & I believe they'd choose them over someone who's Deaf for this job.

I asked myself, how come some idiots could have a good job while so many of us end up with a crappy job or no job at all? It was a nightmare! Aargh!

In case anyone wants to know how we communicated, he asked me questions through writing as I requested, & I answered using my voice. I'm wearing both hearing aids, but they weren't enough for me to completely understand everything he said. Also, I couldn't read his lips well because he spoke so softly.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for another job interview investigation 2 in the next blog!


  1. Oh goodness. This is hysterical. Companies whine when we "waste" their time, and yet, this is one company that did not dare to treat your application / resume with respect?! Come on!

    Thanks for sharing and giving me a chuckle. :-)

  2. I think it is necessary to tell people we have hearing issues, I would find it hard to criticise an potential employer who wasn't informed and then attacked after.

    1. Sorry, I disagree with you. I notice when I don't tell employers I am Deaf - I am given an opportunity (a slight one, but still an opportunity!)
      When I mentioned I am Deaf, I am not even given a chance.
      Would you care to tell me why?

    2. MM- Him not being informed about hearing loss is completely irrevelant. (I have done that many times.) He knew who I was when he read my job application before he contacted me. It wasn't my fault he screwed up interview process.

      I attacked him? Really? I was just describing the experience I had with the interviewer, which I believe I have the right to express freely.

  3. Jeez! Just went to TenFab's website and saw the position for Seamstress/Sewing Fabricator was still posted! This was in the job description, too. A tad redundant:
    • Excellent communication skills and willingness to learn.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Fluent in written & spoken English.
    Obviously, you were able to communicate since you completed the entire interview and did what they wanted you to do for the practical portion. Based on your description and the job post still on their website, I blame their decision on pure ignorance.

    I hope you find an employer worth working for and can appreciate your talent and hard work.