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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who you know, not what you know

Getting your foot in the door can be extremely hard & frustrating. There is some way you can at least get to where you want to be. If you are unemployed for over six months or have no work experience, then it's time for you to start volunteering. Ironically, finding a volunteer opportunity is easier than finding a job. Not being able to find a volunteer work is just no excuse.
Even if any volunteer opportunities of your interest aren't available on the Internet, contact businesses, hospitals, or office buildings and offer some help for free. Keep in mind that volunteering is for you to develop new skills, not for other people who take advantage of your free work. Just think of it as a training program.
Tips you will need:
1. Be sure to ask them to give you assignments that you want to learn or work on. You don't have to accept the ones that are too easy like blowing up the balloons. Who'd want to hire that?
2. Get their names and contact information for your future references. Make sure they will say good things about you.
3. Once you are finished with a volunteering program if you will, ask them if they know anyone who's hiring. That's a key to employment connection. I know it's easier said than done, but you gotta try everything you can think of.
4. You have to have some patience & keep going because it could take a while to find a job. I would really hate to preach, but just have some faith in yourself.
Lastly but not least, ask your friends, your relatives, friends of your relatives, and/or your acquaintances if they know anyone who's hiring. If anyone you know is starting a business, ask them if they need help. They might offer you a job.
Instead of just searching jobs, you need to think about other possibilities. For example, virtual assistant jobs can be the best way to start if things don't work out for you.
I hope that gives you some ideas on what to do with your life.


  1. That is excellent advice about looking for work. Even if you are already employed, but want to change jobs. Personal networking and volunteering for projects that interest you are wonderful ways to go about it. Just don't mention it to your boss that you're looking for another job.

  2. I did the volunteer work and not one wanted to give me an award or a card to thank me for volunteering, so I have nothing on hand to show the employers. It doesn't help.

    1. It isn't about a thank you card, it's about gaining experience & getting to know people that can lead to a job.

    2. Your resume is where you show your volunteer experience. If the place you volunteered gave you a Thank You card, employers wouldn't care to see it. Your resume is where you put all your accomplishments/awards.