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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Teen Fired from Domino for Being Deaf

Before I start talking, I would like you to read a story (click on that link below) about a 17 years old teen boy who was fired by Domino's manager just because he couldn't hear well over the phone.

Now, does anyone notice that manager said he wouldn't have hired the boy if he knew he was deaf? That's pure discrimination. What more do you need than what he just said? It's all right there for you to see. Plain & simple.

Geez, you wonder... "Why do most deaf people have trouble finding a job? Why are they always being overlooked by hiring employers?" Go back & read your answer up there.
I rest my case.

Seriously, good verbal communication skills are required in every workplace, which is why our deafness is a big problem for many employers. I am not saying all employers are the same, but their attitude towards deafness is fairly common.

I have to say that it's easier for managers to fire or not to hire deaf people than it is to provide a simple, reasonable accommodation like an amplified telephone or a videophone relay. It doesn't kill them to do that, does it?

This is 21st century. There is always a solution in placing a hearing amplifier or videophone, but no, they would rather just fire their deaf employee & then hire someone else who can hear. This is very disappointing because people with disabilities are not given a chance to do the job they are capable of.