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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Any Deaf Out There Still Can't Find A Job?

Hello, everyone! I hope your life is treating you well! It's been a while since the last time I posted here, & I do not know how you guys are doing. Any of you Deafies have finally landed a job? Yes? No? Not really?
If you are unemployed for some time & going to about ten job interviews a week or a month, feel free to share your experience here or ask any questions. This is a discussion where you can ask for advice on job interview in person/during a phone conversation, job application, resume, how to connect with the right people, deaf discrimination, & you name it! I will be here to answer any questions you may have. This also applies to those who are employed but have some problems with their boss and/or co-workers.
If you are Deaf & currently employed & would like to share a few cents of your own, please feel free to do so!
I wish you a good luck in finding what you are looking for.

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  1. A couple years back at my workplace, where I work (still!) at a movie theatre.. I remain uncomfortable with our contemptuous general manager (GM), who may have a part audist attitude.

    The story was that there's a co-worker named Mich who's learning a little ASL before she joined us. We don't work shoulder to shoulder often, unfortunately. But once in a while we would chat in ASL if both of us have a little free time, which happened about a few times a week.

    And then one day, some customer reported a complaint. The GM talked to Mich, let her know we can't sign at work anymore. Once I got the word from Mich, I was very upset and couldn't believe it. Neither could she! Some ignorant customer!!

    Days later when I promptly see the GM, I had to express my personal notions about how wrong of her to accept the words of the complainer without reconsidering, and I elaborated to her about some Deaf history where sign langauge was banned in some oral schools, you get the idea. We communicated with the Boogieboard, and also with PC Microsoft Wordpad/Office.

    She's very adamant, and she'd never undo her decision making. It haunts me sometimes to this day. I can't think of anything to do about it as there's no evidence of her wrongdoing. I think HR's always on her side IN MANY CASES against us floor staff she's filed on for years. I got written up twice. Two more, I could get fired.

    Mich quit months later due to some conflict with our then assistant manager so there was nobody else to sign with afterwards.

    As I'm typing, the GM's gonna be departing us within a day from now. Good riddance! She's getting transferred to another theatre or she's retiring, I don't care.

    I plan on looking for a better job but it remains challenging. I have my case reopened with DVR and see how it goes from there. The future job interviews are scary for me!

    1. I'm very sorry to hear about your situation with your then general manager. I had a similar situation (just college, not work) where my instructor had a problem with me talking only with my ASL interpreters, not hearing classmates, so I totally get where you are coming from!

      It is unfortunately that we live in a society where most people are still ignorant about the Deaf culture. I think that your GM, like any other managers, is always siding with customers no matter what, even the ridiculous little things.

      Why did the customer complain about your use of ASL (as a form of communication)? I find that weird.

      At least, you can move forward with finding a new job with better environment than you are in and hope that something like this won't happen again! If you have any other questions or anything, don't hesitate to shoot another comment.

    2. Solution to this problem: don't work! This will reign in attention from ADA and EEOC alike. Stop working = stop feeding the hateful trolls.

  2. Omg.., I wrote out my stories! I have many, several! But it deleted it! Lol. But yes- I pretty much have a hater in every job I go to, I have college professors with twisted attitudes. I notice that the most blantant outrageous harassment and discrimination on the job is somehow not believed by anyone hearing! It's a mess. I do not have too much trouble getting jobs, I work hard at winning them over with my charm, laid-back attitude, and speak of how problem-solving is my 'thing'! But co-workers will attack, others will protect (if I'm lucky!) and hope that it's not management doing the attacking! Lol. I do always have severe harassment on the job, there's little I can do to prove or show to HR or EEOC in these cases and then the mysterious write ups start "seems unmotivated". I'll ask for details on this, and ask how I could improve (with a very eager willing tone) and somehow it's "nevermind, don't worry about it" yet I still am accumulating write ups. Ugh. So GETTING the job is okay for me, keeping them is an entirely different thing, which I have not yet mastered. Any secrets you'd like to share? Lol.

    1. Hi!

      Although I know dealing with unreasonable coworkers, management etc can be difficult and tiresome, all you need to do is keep your attitude positive and ignore the harassment while working. Be strong and motivated because that is the best you can do to keep a job. You have to be tough and stand up for yourself when they put you down. If the harassment persists, file the complaint with HR (if you live in USA). If that doesn't work out, then file it with EEOC. How to prove? That would be hard but if there is any solid evidence like written notes, be sure to collect it! I hope that helps!

  3. Beats me. I read somewhere where some hearing people who seen ASL, they'd suddenly think "street signs!".. Or they hate the sight of deaf people?

    I didn't bother to ask at the time. But perhaps eventually I will find out. I brought it up to a temporary GM today on that. He might be investigating.

    In the end, I left my job today because I got written up once again on some other old situation, which's not related to what I shared here. Not only the former GM was bad, so is the company's HR.

    I'm newly unemployed and I am not giving up on looking.. I have a lot research to do, about editing the resume, and check out job interview Q&A samples.

    I enjoy browsing through your whole blog. They're mostly informative, I can say!

    1. Ah, that might be true about "street signs"! Not so sure about hating the sight of Deaf people part, but that could be true, too, who knows?

      Ouch, that sucks! At least you won't have to deal with GM headaches. Thanks for the reading and good luck in finding a new job.

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  5. I want to hire deaf people to do web design. They work from home and we communicate through email. Any deaf people out there that does this?

    I just had a deaf lady come in where I work selling a flag pin, I gave her some money and felt bad for her. I want to do something about it.
    (I do know deaf friends and went to a college was a big college that taught deaf studies)